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Zetes eaZySign® is the core solution, facilitating the generation of qualified electronic signatures using the eID card or other similar tools. eaZySign support the generation of electronic signature on electronic documents according to the PAdES, XAdES and ASiC standards.
Zetes eaZyID® is a business identity provider (IDP) solution that allows a natural person to validate & use the public data as stored on the Belgian eID (electronic identity) card as well as an authentication using the PIN code of this eID card.
Zetes eaZyFlow® is a front-end web application that enables a non-technical user to initiate & manage a signature work flow. This tool may be very useful when a full eaZySign back-end integration is not considered necessary.
Zetes eaZyLink® is a browser/platform independent secure gateway to the card reader and smart card. Both eaZySign & eaZyID use the tool to take care of the communication with the eID card.
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In order to make digital signing acceptable within the larger consumer community, the process to put the signature must be easy in use, future proof and transparent in terms of validation. Zetes has done the setup of a platform, eaZySign, that provides an answer to these challenges.

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A full range of Solutions - Zetes also specialises in developing and implementing complete solutions for collecting personal identity information, producing ID documents, storing and reproducing identification data. Governments, administrative units, and public institutions are the primary beneficiaries of our know-how and years of industry experience. Zetes has been entrusted with long-term projects in politically or otherwise volatile environments.

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