Ordering your set of eID developer test cards was never this eaZy!


These test cards are made available to allow developers to perform tests without having to use their own eID. The data on the chip of the test cards is based on and follows the same structure of the actual identity cards.

As manufacturer of the Belgian eID card, Zetes offers developers two separate sets of various eID cards to be used for testing purposes. 

These eaZySet test cards are based on:

  •  NEW Applet 1.8 - The Belgian eID card, released in 2020
  •  Applet 1.7 - The earlier version of the Belgian eID card, which will circulate until 2030
  •  NEW – Applet 1.7 for rekeyed cards – Some of the oldest applet 1.7 eID cards have to be rekeyed. This means that the card’s keys and leaf certificates will remain to be an RSA-format, but these will be signed with ECC384 certificates. This results in the signature files complying to the applet 1.8 specifications (SHA384ECDSA).

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Both 1.7 and 1.8 versions will coexist in the coming decade.

You can place your order using the orange link below.

For more information, please consult the official wiki: https://github.com/Fedict/eid-mw/wiki/Applet-1.8


The Zetes eaZySet consists of 5 different cards:

Card Type Authentication certificate Signing certificate
Kids ID > 6 and < 12 year Revoked None
eID person < 18 year None (Active for v1.7) None
eID person > 18 and < 75 year Active Active
eID person > 75 year Expired Expired
eVK person > 18 year Active Revoked


Single card eaZySet Belgian eID Test Card


eaZySet Belgian eID Test Card


These test cards underwent no physical personalization but only technical personalization, meaning the cards themselves have no physical validators, pictures, etc.

Zetes maintains a dedicated CRL & OCSP-service in order to operate these cards. Next to this, we are willing to provide you the necessary state-of-the-art tools to effectively integrate eID-functionalities within your applications:

  • Tools for both web-based or native signing
  • Tools for web-based identification & authentication
  • Tools for native eID data capture integration on Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android (SDK’s available on request)


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