What is eaZyLink?

Communicating with an eID card within a web environment has been quite a challenge within over the last years. This was traditionally done using a Java applet (& the Java SE Runtime Environment).

This method proved to be very user-unfriendly, as the installation of the right Java tools in combination with the correct eID software, driver or browser often caused practical difficulties.

Secondly, more recent browser types block the use of a Java applet (NPAPI) when trying to access the eID card, making the traditional applet applications no longer usable.

Next to this, Java applets did not provide an answer for the use of eID on mobile operating systems like iOS or Android, as mobile browsers like Google or Safari do not allow to access an eID card interface.

Therefore Zetes developed eaZyLink®, a browser/platform independent secure gateway to the card reader and smart card.

Both eaZySign & eaZyID use the tool to take care of the communication with the eID card.


eaZyLink features

eaZyLink is a browser/platform independent secure gateway to the eID with following features:

  • eaZyLink is a once-off installable tool
  • eaZyLink has NO Java footprint
  • eaZyLink features desktop support for Windows/Mac OSX
  • eaZyLink is compatible with all recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (11+), Safari & Edge
  • eaZyLink uses eID toolkits for iOS/Android
  • eaZyLink supports all PCSC compliant eID readers, as well as Secure Pin Pad readers & mobile readers from within the Zetes product range
  • The eaZyLink release management follows the eaZySuite release management