Paperless administration? Yes, you can.

With eaZySign, Zetes has brought a simple and secure solution for the signature of digital documents to the market.

Dematerialisation for consumer agreements holds an obvious ROI:

  • No printing costs
  • No mailing costs
  • No document errors
  • No document handling costs
  • No physical storage costs


Although the technology capabilities are available to put electronic signatures within documents, they still lack adoption by the larger consumer community. Reason for this is that many companies showed signs of cold feet when it came to use such a powerful tool as the Belgian eID. We now feel things are changing quickly, as the number of applications using eID grows bigger every day.

eaZySign has been developed to help you overcome the challenges linked to the use of the electronic identity card as a mean of authentication. Its simple design and customisation guarantee a smooth implementation into your business processes as well as fast ROI.

30 years of expertise in identification   

eaZySign has been developed by a specialised unit within the Zetes Group, which has been founded in 1984. The company has a strong international reputation as a leader in the development of solutions for the identification of goods and the authentication of people. It has implemented large scale projects for, a.o., the governments of Belgium, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Israel, etc.

The eID producer guarantees a legally binding eSignature

Belgium has been on the forefront of innovation worldwide with the introduction of the eID, more than ten years ago. The government then decided to call upon a strong local technical partner: Zetes.

Today, it is this very same partner who brings you an easy solution for the digital signature, making use of the eID. We can therefore guarantee a smooth integration as well as legally binding eSignature of your documents.

White Papers

Zetes as TSP

Zetes has obtained the status of Trusted Service Provider (TSP) within the newly adapted European Legislation (EU 910/14 regulation - eIDAS). This means we are able to issue qualified certificates (like the ones on the Belgian eID) usable in all EU member states, which can be integrated in the same processes as today, but using very different tools.

You care about security? So do we.

Handling citizen data in government projects such as identity document production, population register creation, and voters registration, security is always top of mind for us. As a division of the Zetes Group, you can be sure nothing has been left to hazard: be it during the handling, verification, archiving, tracking, event registration, or user management steps, you have the certainty that your data is being handled safely. 

With eaZySign, your documents are available at all times, with the history of the actions and a legally binding signature.