What is eaZyFlow?

Zetes eaZyFlow® is a front-end web application that enables the initiation & management of signature work flows.

Indeed, when a full eaZySign back-end integration is not considered necessary, eaZyFlow may be a very convenient tool for non-technical users to upload documents to the eaZySign platform and define the according signing procedure.

eaZyFlow features

eaZyFlow allows non-technical users to initiate, amongst others, following processes & actions:

  • Upload one or more documents to the eaZySign platform & define their availability on the platform
  • Add signature fields to the document & configure the way they appear on the documents
  • Define who can and who cannot sign the different signing fields
  • Create & edit signature user profiles
  • Define a chronologic order within the signing process
  • Set conditions to be fulfilled prior to signing
  • Set-up of the necessary e-mail/in app notifications to help guiding the signature process
  • Have a full overview of uploaded documents and their respective status within the signing process