What is eaZyID?

eaZyID is a business identity provider (IDP) solution based on OpenID Connect (OAUTH2), that allows the validation of public data as stored on the Belgian eID (electronic identity) card as well as an authentication using the PIN code of this eID card.

Zetes eaZyID removes the burden reading out eID cards in a multi-platform & multi-browser environment as it makes use of eaZyLink.

The validation is done by checking the eID certificate and the root certificate chain.

eaZyID features

  • eaZyID allows to:
    • Read the eID information after user consent (LoA-1) or
    • Perform an eID authentication with PIN code after user consent (LoA-2)
  • eaZyID supports for Windows: Windows Internet Explorer (11+), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • eaZyID supports for Mac OSX: Chrome and Safari
  • Mobile browser support via universal links & native components – installable from Google Play or the App Store
  • eaZyID validates the eID certificate and root certificate chain
  • eaZyID UI is multi-language (EN, FR, NL)

Why eaZyID?

Prior to entering a signing process, many business applications require the reading-out of the eID card:

  • To identify to client or prospect
  • To capture the corresponding personal client or prospect information (address,..)
  • To verify whether the eID card is a valid one (not revoked, stolen,..)
  • To authenticate a client or prospect using the eID PIN code

In order to do so, Zetes offers the eaZyID solution. There are many reasons why one should consider eaZyID:

  • The national eID is a secure way to provide the identity of a natural person
  • The national eID contains correct personal data
  • The eaZyID platform removes the burden from reading the eID in a multi-platform & multi-browser environment
  • The eaZyID platform validates the eID information
  • The eaZyID platform is in-line with eIDAS regulation